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All Positive Dog Training combines modern motivational techniques with some tried and true traditional methods. Emphasis is on using logic and communication to get results, not force. Dogs do not have to be handled harshly to earn respect! Training should be fun for both owner and dog. Dog owners are taught to recognize behavioral cues and reinforce appropriately.

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Dog training has many benefits

Dog training is more than a matter of getting a dog to behave the way you want, when you want. By taking a class from a credentialed instructor, you and your dog both learn how to interact more effectively. Effective training doesn't just teach a dog to perform on command, but will teach you how to teach your dog. With proper instruction, you will:

  • Understand the leadership role, pack mentality and survival needs.
  • Learn how to use praise, play and emotions to facilitate learning.
  • Know how your dog communicates stress, fear, pain, play, affection, submission, dominance, and aggression.
  • Change your dog's behavior through effective use of voice, attitude and body language.
  • Learn how to motivate and redirect canine energy.
  • Strengthen the human-animal bond.

Should your dog be taking you to school?

Choose a class that meets your needs.

Classes are available for dogs at all levels of training. Whether you have just purchased a new puppy, or recently adopted an adult dog, there is a course to help you build a positive relationship with your dog. If you have had a family pet for a while, courses are available to correct bad habits, or to increase your pet's skills. Take a look at the many group and private classes that are currently available:

Group Classes

Puppy Kindergarten: For pups under 16 weeks of age
Beginner to Advanced Family Pet: For Dogs 4/5 months and older
Creative Clicker Classes: To challenge skills and strengthen communication and learning

Click here for more information on our group classes.

Private Classes

These classes will be tailored to meet the needs of you and your pet. Classes may include:

  • Basic and Advanced Commands

  • Manners and Socialization

  • Grooming and General Care

  • Special Issues

  • Pre-purchase and Pre-adoption counseling

  • New Dog Introduction

  • Dog-Dog Issues

  • More Creative Options

The Basics to Better Behavior DVD for Sale!

$20.00 plus $3.00 S&H U.S. only

This DVD is a wonderful supplement to classes for the handler or family members unable to make it to class. It is also a great way to understand and implement positive based training without group classes or to observe at home All Positive Dog Training and get a jump on classes group or private before actually attending. Pups and older dogs give demonstrations of how dogs learn and solutions for common training problems such as; jumping, nipping, dropping objects and beginner commands. A great gift for the new dog or puppy owner!

Mail a check for $23.00 (U.S. dollars) to Erin Deal, 239 N. Whitehall Road, Norristown, PA 19403

Click here for more information on specific private classes.

Erin Deal, CPDT

All classes are taught personally by Erin Deal. Erin is educated extensively in scientifically based methods of training management and behavior modification. Click here for more about Erin.



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