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Erin Deal's lifelong passion for dogs, combined with her Human Services degree in applied behavioral counseling, have contributed to the success of her dog training and behavior business. Breaking away from the cookie cutter approach to dog training, Erin conducts group and private sessions geared to the needs of dogs as well as their owners. Emphasis is placed on teaching rather than correcting.

Erin's previous grooming business became inundated with veterinary referrals for handling aggressive and troublesome dogs without using drugs. Using massage, play and trust building exercises her caseload increased. Digging deeper to find the roots of problem behaviors she began attending seminars and workshops with leading experts in training, behavior and veterinary science. After completing a formal two year apprenticeship assisting and leading group classes with a well-established local trainer, Erin was asked to take over upon the trainer's retirement. She went on to develop her all positive approach to dog training challenging old beliefs with modem clinical data. Her business of family dog training expanded to include dog-to-dog introductions, socialization, play groups, trick training, etc.. In addition to these, Erin has worked training and educating professional staff of puppy kindergarten, doggie daycare and nursing home environments on proper animal handling and treatment. Erin specializes in overcoming problem behaviors and works in tandem with veterinary referrals and diagnostic criteria. She has a special interest in the rehabilitation of shelter and rescue dogs.

Erin has been actively involved in the dog community through breed rescue groups, shelters and educational presentations at community events. She began two community outreach programs in Norristown: LugNuts, a weight pulling program designed to prevent the fighting of pit bulls and encourage responsible ownership; and Training Wheels, to help owners whose dogs would otherwise be relinquished to a shelter. Erin attends numerous seminars and conferences each year.

Erin has developed educational materials for group and private classes. She built her group curriculum and private classes under the study and influence of varied leading names in canine behavior, among them:

  • Dr. Andrew Luesher Behavior Modification, Puppy Classes
  • Dr. Patricia McConnell Behavior & Training, Anxiety, Fear, Aggression
  • Sue Sternberg Shelter dog evaluation and rehabilitation
  • John Rogerson Training and Rehabilitation
  • Ray Coppinger The ethnology (origin) of the dog; Motor Patterns and Behavior
  • Dr. Jean Dodds Vaccine protocols
  • Karen Pryor Clicker training

Erin has received nationally recognized certifications in canine behavior. Most notably, she completed certification in DOGS 2002, Principles and Techniques of Behavior Modification at Purdue University's School of Veterinary Medicine.

Erin lives in West Norriton Township, Pennsylvania with her husband and their Bouvier des Flandres; an Australian Cattle Dog/Fox Terrier mix and African Grey Parrot.

  • Veterinary, client, and trainer referrals
  • Graduate of Purdue Univ. DOGS 2002
    Principles & Techniques of Behavior
  • Certification Council of Pet Dog Trainers (CCPDT) accreditation in 2002, 2005, and 2008.
  • Certified Companion Animal Hygienist
  • Working with canines since 1990




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