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Group classes

Bring the family & observe a class! (Two legged members only)

All classes follow Purdue University's School of Veterinary Medicine protocols.
All classes involve the use of high-value food rewards which fade into life rewards.
Class dates are subject to change.

Puppy Kindergarten

Ideally for pups under 16 weeks of age

Basic commands: Sit, Down, Come, Leave-it and Drop-it

Solutions for pulling, jumping up, nipping, housebreaking, stealing

Also, loose leash walking, grooming, handling and preventing negative behaviors Recognize normal and problem behaviors & implement humane solutions.

Puppy recess & greeting guests and strangers

Puppy class offers a series of socialization exercises designed to enhance the imprinting period and acccelerated learning which occurs up to 16 weeks of age. Activities follow Purdue University's Puppy Kindergarten protocol and are designed to stimulate brain growth and develop healthy social behavior. (See Erins' credentials and certifications.)

Puppies should be 10 days past their first vaccinations and ideally under 16 weeks of age. Some exceptions do apply regarding older pups reared in neglected social environments.

Classes are limited to 6 puppies depending on space.

Call for updated times and location. Summer schedule may vary.

Cost for this course is $125.00. Cash only if check is not received prior to first class date.

Call 610-631-1132 to register.

Beginner Family Pet

Classes are limited to 4 dogs. Each class will run 1 hour and 20 minutes and run for 6 weeks.

Training manual of learning theory and class handouts are provided.

All dogs are in a similar training stage in each class which enhances their overall progress.

How not to fall into the "who's training who" trap of food rewards.

Students will learn how to work with distraction and increase socialization skills, as well as:

  • How dogs learn with demonstrations of at home exercises.
  • Understanding, preventing and implementing humane solutions for attention seeking and/or "out of control" adolescent behaviors, as well as the dog who "just doesn't listen."
  • The use of a reward marker through tone of voice or clicker.

Additional classes are available after completing the course.

Learning & Technique: Attention exercises and instruction on when and how to reward for reliable life skills. Sit, Watch for eye contact, intro to Leave It and Come as well as jumping and nipping are addressed.

Manners and Skill Building: Training includes: Stays, Recall, Drop It, advanced Leave It, Heel, Down, tricks and games to reinforce learning, also, greeting guests at the door.

Distraction and Socialization: Here your dog learns advanced commands and group activities to facilitate reliable behavior in the face of distractions and social outings. Have fun experimenting with different types of training activities, games and tricks.

Use the current Registration Form and mail it with your check for $175. Unattended classes are forfeited. Registration Form and check must be received before your first class or cash payment in full must be made the night of your first class. Request your start date on the form and it will be confirmed by telephone.

Creative Clicker Classes

Clicker training is positive reinforcement at its finest. Dogs trained with the clicker method learn faster, retain what they learn better and are more motivated to learn. After completing a Beginner course, strengthen communication and learning through tricks and complicated tasks such as shut doors, put toys away, jump hoops, etc. If you have ever wondered how dogs learn to assist their humans, the secrets are revealed in this class.
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Enrollment Information

Click here to register for any of the above courses. Payment for all classes is due one week prior to the first night of class. Checks should be made payable and mailed to :
Erin Deal; 239 N. Whitehall Road; Norristown, Pa 19403

REFUND POLICY: There will be no refunds once class has begun. Cancellation less than 1 week before the start of class is entitled to a partial refund only if the spot can be filled before classes begin.




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