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Private Classes

Behavioral counseling & training for all ages. May be a compliment or an alternative to group classes. Sixty to ninety minute sessions available in studio or in home. Basic training or a variety of behavioral issues from housebreaking to dominance problems may be addressed. An initial evaluation assesses the problem behavior(s) along with any current training skills. Appropriate goals through training, behavior modification and/or management may be applied. Classes work in tandem with veterinary referrals for aggression, anxiety, fear and other canine disorders. It's your training! Choose from any of the following training topics:

  • Basic Commands: Sit, Down, Stay, Come when called, Heel, Drop-it, Leave It etc.
  • Manners: Stop bad habits such as nipping, jumping on people & furniture, chewing, etc. Teach your dog to greet people calmly. Socialize well with other animals and more.
  • Grooming and General Care: Learn to clip nails, get grooming tips. Also health and safety information. Classes are available to learn to groom your own dog, or become a professional dog groomer.
  • Special Issues: Housebreaking programs, Dominance Issues, Aggression, Systematic Desensitization for fears (such as cars, thunder, people, etc.)
  • Pre-purchase and Pre-adoption counseling: From breeders, shelters, rescue groups to taking in your neighbors' dog, learn how to choose the right source and dog for you and your family. Know what questions to ask before you buy or adopt.
  • New Dog Introduction: Make a smooth familial transition or introduce playmates.
  • Dog-Dog Issues: Is it over stimulation or aggression? How to apply counter conditioning techniques for housemates or calm walks in the park and neighborhood.
  • More Creative Options: Anything from fetch newspaper to jump through hoop (sorry no fire). Hand signals, advanced exercises, etc.
  • Clicker Training: Strengthen communication and learning through tricks and complicated tasks such as shut doors, put toys away, jump hoops, etc.
  • Advanced Pet: Off-lead and out-of-sight commands, emergency recalls and more to suit your dog's needs.

Enrollment Information

Please call 610-631-1132 to schedule a private training session.

REFUND POLICY: There will be no refunds once class has begun. Cancellation less than 1 week before the start of class is entitled to a partial refund only if the spot can be filled before classes begin.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Pre-payment is required to reschedule a missed appointment or cancellations with less than 24 hours notice.

IN HOME VISITS require a deposit which is non-refundable without at least 24 hours notice of cancellation.

Discounted prepaid individual classes are subject to cancellation and missed appointment fees relative to the rate of the class without discounts.




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