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Class Rules

You will need to bring to each class:

  • Comfortable shoes - Sneakers or soft-soled shoes with a closed back.
  • Plastic Bags - To clean up after your dog.
  • Collar - The collar must be the right size to be effective and must be approved by the instructor.
  • A 6 foot leash, no retractable leashes, a inch wide leash works best, thick leashes can feel bulky while working in class.
  • A Tupperware-like container of water for the dog
  • One or 2 favorite toys, you will be instructed on their use as a reward in class.
  • Two or three different types of tiny treats: the treats you will learn how to use at class will be of higher value than the treats you will typically use at home. Examples of class treats would be a hot dog cut up into 20 to 40 pieces depending on the size of your dog, string cheese cut into 20 or more pieces or dog treats that are of a similar soft, consistency. You will need approximately 100 tiny treats and just a few hard or biscuit treats. For delicate stomachs chicken or pieces of pasta may work. More examples will be given at class. Most dogs are too distracted by each other the first few nights to work for anything less. You will learn how to get reliable behavior without food as your dog works through the learning process.

It is very important to respect the training facilities. You must clean up after your dog inside the facility as well as outside on the property!

No dogs will be allowed off leash at any time with the exception of Puppy Kindergarten recess and in the Advanced Obedience classes at the sole discretion of the instructor and only during specific exercises.

Overly aggressive dogs must be controlled at all times. The instructor reserves the right to remove any such dog from the classes for the safety and protection of others.

Please be aware and respectful of the space around you during class. Maintain appropriate learning distance for your dog and the dogs around you.

Collars must be approved by the instructor.

Only dogs registered for the class will be allowed unless approved by the instructor.

Please bring the family. However, in most exercises, only one person at a time should work with the dog.

Junior handlers (those under the age of 12) will be permitted with instructor's approval but must be accompanied by an adult.

Use the appropriate doors for entering and exiting the building with your dog.

Be careful not to crowd doorways with your dogs as dogs entering or exiting may become over stimulated.




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